Served with Ranch, Marinara, or Sweet Chili Sauce. $10.95 each or 1/2 price (*) during Happy Hour

(extra sauce add . 85)


Hot or Mild Chicken Wings.....deep fried & rolled in hot bbq sauce. lightly chard in broiler

Onion Rings*.....breaded onion rings, deep fried to a golden brown

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Strips*....lightly breaded, boneless chicken strips

Sarge’s Fried Mushrooms*.....whole mushrooms, breaded, deep fried & topped with melted butter

Mozzarella Sticks.....mozzarella cheese, breaded & deep fried

Zucchini a La San Francisco*.....fresh zucchini, breaded, deep fried & topped with parmesan cheese


(items & prices may vary)